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Portrait Commissions by Wilder Smith

Portrait Commissions by Wilder Smith

Portraits start at $100...

E-mail and/or Phone Number


Commissions can be of people, pets, or nudes.

Wilder makes all of his wooden frames by hand.
Each frame is custom made for each painting.
The only thing you can control about the frame is the size. The rest of the aesthetic decisions are made by Wilder.

Each order usually takes about a month to deliver.

If you want a commissioned portrait from Wilder you must accept that you have no creative control. He's going to make it the way he wants and use the materials he wants. Trust that it will be awesome. Nothing leaves this shop unless it's awesome. 

No returns. No revisions.
Once I've made the art the sale is final.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I receive my portrait when it's completed?

We'll contact you when it's finished and ask where you'd like it to be shipped.

Shipping is free anywhere in the USA or Canada.

Why don't you have larger frame options?

I don't have a big enough printer yet. I'll buy one as soon as I can and then I'll be able to print larger sizes and I'll make larger frames.

What if I don't like the portrait?

Then put it on your wall and maybe you'll learn to like it over time.

If I've already put the time and care into making it then I can't afford to give a refund.

Do you paint nudes?

Sure. I've done many.

I keep the identities of my subjects, commissioners and photo references 100% private. No one ever sees them but me.

Why don't you raise your prices?

I'll raise my prices once my waitlist is long and healthy.

It's important to me to always keep painting, so I'm starting with a very low price and I'll raise them later.

I have questions, who should I contact?

You can email or come to a dance lesson and meet Wilder personally.

About the Artist

Wilder is the owner and operator of Reframed, an Atlanta dancing community. He teaches dance in the evenings and paints during the day. These are his two passions.

Instagram : @reframed_wilder
Ancient website :