Artists Wanted!

Please read the information on this page carefully before applying.

We're looking for poets, painters, photographers and any other art form that can be printed on a piece of paper. 


What does Reframed do?

Reframed only sells prints. We do not sell original art, merchandise, or signed prints yet. Also, we print and ship all of our products ourselves without the artist's help. This means we only require two things from artists:

  1. high resolution pictures of your art
  2. your permission to recreate and sell that art. 

Can any artist sell their work through Reframed?
Not yet, we add new artists to our website manually, which is very time consuming, so we are very selective right now. In the future we hope to automate this process so we'll be able to onboard everyone who wants to sell through our shop. 


What makes us different than the other print selling services out there?

  1. Everything after $5 goes to the artist. This is by far the most generous deal you'll find from any website print vendor. If your prints are selling on our website for $30, we only take $5 per sale and you make $25 per sale. 

  2. We sell art subscriptions. This means someone can subscribe to an artist they like and receive a new print from that artist every month. Again, you set the price of your subscription and we only take $5 per print.

  3. We do not dropship or use third-party services. We manufacture everything ourselves in Atlanta, Georgia and we use way higher quality materials than anything other print shops are using.

Tell me a little bit about the philosophy of Reframed

We want to sell a lot of art, which means we prefer low prices.

We'd rather sell a hundred of your prints for $10 than one of your prints for $1,000. This means way more people are engaging with your art. Let those $1,000+ sales come from selling your originals-- we sell affordable prints. 

We want to engage customers who would not normally shop for art. Lots of people avoid shopping for art because it's too expensive or too intimidating, we target this demographic by being affordable and approachable. 

We don't like the way the art world currently functions. We think the high-end art market is pretentious, exclusive and opaque. We want to be grounded, open and transparent.

Give me some more nitty-gritty details about what you provide for the artists...

Again, we do not sell original art. We don't want the paintings you are storing in your moms attic. We want high resolution jpegs of those paintings. We don't want you to ship or print anything, we do all of that. All we want is the means to recreate your art and your permission to do so.  Here is what we can offer you in return:

We take $5 + Sales tax. Whether your print sells for $10 or $40 we still only take that same amount. This means if your $40 print sold to someone in the United States you would profit about $32 on that print sale. Reframed would only keep $5 + sales tax.  HOWEVER, Reframed keeps 100% of the revenue from frame sales.    

  1. Your bio, website, and social media will be printed on the backside of any piece of art you give us the rights to sell. That's hundreds of prints going out each month with your information plastered to the back. That will generate a lot of traffic to your website and social media.

  2. When customers purchase your art through our website we give them an option at checkout to become one of your 'collectors.' If they check that box then we collect their email and give it to you. Since they'll have checked that box, you'll already know they are interested in buying more of your art, now you're building a list of collectors you can reach out to in the future.

  3. Finally, since we do not sell original art, you still have those drawings and paintings. You can email your list of collectors to sell the original and you will make 100% return on that sale. 

If you are interested in selling your art through our market, please email to get the process started.