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Country Line Dance Night at Dark Horse Tavern

Country Line Dance Night at Dark Horse Tavern

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This is a FREE dance event.
Thank you, Dark Horse Tavern!

Line dancing EVERY Wednesday night!

Our lessons will always be comfortable for complete beginners. 

They card everyone at the door for this location. Don't forget your ID!

  • 7:00-8:00pm Beginners Lesson 
  • 8:00-9:00pm Intermediate
  • 9:00-till late Bad Asses
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Take a gander at your line dance instructor, @BobbiBreanne

The Space

ADDRESS: 816 North Highland Avenue Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30306
"Dark Horse Tavern"

Dark Horse Tavern is located in Virginia Highlands. There is lots of street parking, cheap drinks, and great atmosphere. This is one of the most "party" dance nights on the Reframed list.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is social dancing?

Social dancing means dancing with people in an improvised fashion, and not for people in performance or competitive situations.

We do not teach choreography, but if you get good enough at improvising sometimes it will look choreographed.

What is a lead and a follow? Is it gendered?

Lead and follow are the two roles in most social dancing situations.

If you are selecting the movements you are called the lead, if you are interpreting the movements of a lead then you are called the follow.

These roles are not gendered. Traditionally men would lead and women would follow but these days it's normal for someone to take an opposite role or to learn both.

What style of dance are you teaching?

This lesson teaches a mix of line dances and country partner dances.

What if I don't know how to dance?

That's totally fine! You don't need to have any experience to attend. Even if you think you are unable to learn, most anyone can be taught.

Do I need a partner?

No, you do not need a partner and if you do come with one we're still going to make you be part of the rotation. Dancing with different people is essential to improving — and it’s a great way to meet new friends.

Can my partner and I stay together the whole time and not rotate with everyone else?

Everyone attending the class must be part of the rotation. Even if you come as a couple we expect you to participate and dance with different partners during the class session.

In our experience, couples who do not rotate do not learn as quickly or meet as many people in the class so they don't have as much fun.

If you absolutely must stay with your partner you can just come and observe the lesson from the side and practice the movements with your date. We're totally okay with you doing that and you don't have to pay for tickets this way!

What should I wear?

Wear whatever is comfortable. Your feet may get stepped on so don't wear new white shoes. You'll find people wearing any number of things ranging from jeans and dress pants, to shorts and skirts.

Even though we're teaching dance you won't be dancing the whole time. No need for athletic clothing unless you feel like it. Also our air conditioning is amazing, you're more likely to be chilly than sweaty.

What is the parking situation?

Lots of free parking in the lot and on the streets nearby.

Is this event only for ages 21 and up?

No guests under the age of 21 at this location. We do have other dances that are 18 and up, but not this one.

I have questions, who should I contact?

You can email or come to the lesson and meet Wilder personally.

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