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Why Subscribe?

Do you want some interchangeable art options to put in your Reframed Frame, without having to select each one yourself? Do you love a series or a theme? Meet your new best friend: a subscription! 

Check out the subscription options below for frequency and pricing. Once you “set it and forget it,” you can go on about your life and allow new art to surprise you at your chosen interval.

(These subscriptions also make great gifts for young people interested in art, teachers, and relatives! Just remember to purchase the Frame separately.)

Subscription Options

We offer subscriptions at the following rates:

  • Quarterly (4 pieces per year: total, prepaid $20). Delivery of one print every 3 months.
  • Monthly (12 pieces per year: total, prepaid cost $60). Delivery of one print every month.
  • Biweekly (24 per year: total, prepaid $96). Delivery of one print every two weeks.

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    Our prints are reproductions of Subscriptions's original art. We print them on high quality paper that feels good to hold and all of our prints have torn edges (an aesthetic choice we like).

    We sell our prints at a very low price so that customers who own one of our frames will always be able to change the art on their walls for between $5-$10. The idea is if you buy a frame then you buy into a lifetime supply of affordable art options for that frame!