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Egon Schiele, an Austrian artist, was born in Tulln, near Vienna, in 1890. He studied at various schools before being accepted into the prestigious Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna at the age of 16. Schiele's unique style, influenced by Gustav Klimt, challenged traditional beauty standards and explored the depths of human emotion and sexuality in his portraits and self-portraits. Despite controversy surrounding his liberal lifestyle and depictions of young girls, Schiele continued to showcase his work through the New Art Group in galleries across Austria and Germany.

Tragedy struck when Schiele's pregnant wife Edith died from Spanish Influenza in 1918, and shortly after, he succumbed to the same illness at the young age of 28. Despite his short life, Schiele achieved notable success in his artistic career, participating in exhibitions throughout Europe and even documenting military establishments during World War I, with his works eventually displayed at the Military Museum. His legacy lives on, as his unique and thought-provoking art continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

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